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  Production Process
Production Process 1 Every guitar's resonance box is a traditional craft production
Production Process 2 Finished TOP, waiting for bonding with the Neck.
Production Process 3 The wooden bridge was processed on the TOP, to make the TOP acquire the best flexibility.
Production Process 4 Handcraft the end of the Neck
Production Process 5 Make the wood ROSETTE INLAID on the TOP.
Production Process 6 A raw guitar which is waiting to be decorated by inlays
Production Process 7 Finished TOP, have been stored for a while, it has achieved a state of complete relaxation, and would be able to make the most open sound.
Production Process 8 Install the fret wire by hand
Production Process 9 The bonding of the TOP and sides
Production Process 10 When the guitar player touches the high end Fingerboard, the hand-made neck would bring a good feeling
Production Process 12 Polish the curvature of the Neck
Production Process 15 Using the No. 800 sandpaper to carefully polish the Fingerboard and the fret wire
Production Process 16 Carbon fiber was put in the Neck, to achieve the best conduction velocity of sound, and the guitar's sound sensibility was improved.
Production Process 17 The natural flexibility of the bamboo stick makes a better connection between the TOP and the wooden bridge.
Production Process 18 Choose a suitable TOP for each bridge, to make a 100% match between the Bridge and TOP
Production Process 20 Carefully polished TOP, allows a free air shuttle between the TOP and Back.
Production Process 21 Bridge bonding
Production Process 22 Handcraft inlays wood ROSETTE
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